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augustus 28, 2009



augustus 25, 2009

FAKE, originally uploaded by .FAKE.. sorry, after painting about 20 stencils on the streets of amsterdam in 1 weeks time without adding my name I just felt like making some propaganda

faile stencil

augustus 25, 2009

faile stencil, originally uploaded by wojofoto.


augustus 24, 2009

stencilart, originally uploaded by wojofoto.

FAKE KATE (Paper_edition)

augustus 19, 2009

FAKE KATE (Paper_edition), originally uploaded by .FAKE.. New on my online shop! FAKE KATE (Paper edition) Edition: 15 Size: 70x50x4cm Medium: Spray paint on 360gsm art paper Signed and numbered by the artist


augustus 19, 2009


augustus 18, 2009

LOVE HITS, originally uploaded by .FAKE.. The story continues! This is my follow-up on the FAKE LOVE piece! Its still in its RAW form But I will post a Def version later this week 😉

We want our pink donut!

augustus 13, 2009

We want our pink donut!, originally uploaded by .FAKE.. Sorry, could not resist! Banksy has released a new print called Donuts in pink and brown a few weeks ago with a lottery, and I did not win as many did not. So now we are going to start a RIOT! Losers Unite!

Charity t-shirts now in!

augustus 12, 2009

Charity t-shirts now in!, originally uploaded by .FAKE.. ONLY 10 LEFT! 100% of profits going to Cancer Research. Buy from: now!

FAKE LOVE street piece video

augustus 9, 2009