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About FAKE

Location: Amsterdam

Background: Graffiti, and Street art

Occupation: UnKnown

Age: 28

Experience: 4 years of stencil making and 12 years of Graffiti and Street Art

Discipline: Stencils

You can buy my work here:

and here:




7 Reacties to “About FAKE”

  1. Hé, fantastic work. These stencils are an enrichment to the streets of Amsterdam. Already caught some of them on the website! if u were the one that uploaded them, thx! If not, thx for the stencils nontheless 🙂

  2. eey streetart fan, ik ben owner van streetart hyves en begin net om te bouwe naar een streetart website, om de wereld te laten zien dat NL nog steeds de shit OWNT!!

    hebje mss intresse om daar newsposter of iets dergelijks te worden??
    contact me

  3. I love your work. I currently live in Paris and found a wall in the Bastille Metro with what appears to be your signature. I wanted to verify if this was in fact your work. Is there any way I can submit the photo?

  4. Your stencils come out so clean. What kind of paper are you using to cut the stencils out with? I’ve been messing with a couple of mediums but they aren’t as clean as yours.

  5. Hey,

    Nice work, echt super!
    Vond het leuk je te ontmoeten bij de Go Gallery,
    en ik ga zeker nog even kijken bij de winkel waar je werk

    Veel succes met het vinden van een ruimte!



  6. Hey Streetart Guys and Girls.
    My Class and I are going to visit Amsterdam this year.
    I just want to show them some really great Graffittis.
    Can you tell me some places, where I can find some?


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