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The show in Teheran VIDEO

januari 19, 2009

this is a group show i participated in, the misic is by an experimental rock band 😉 Advertenties

Group show in Iran, thearan

januari 17, 2009

sp877, originally uploaded by A1one. Some of my work got showen in Iran, this is to a great artis called A1one here you san see more of the show and info:

FAKE CanBird VIDEO!!!!!!

januari 15, 2009

FAKE CANBIRD 140x100x5cm


januari 11, 2009

FAKE LOVE 2 Size 140x100x5cm enjoy!!


januari 8, 2009

FAKE DAMAGE Originally uploaded by .FAKE. The canvas has been damaged and can not be sold. so I had to destroy it ,so the Edition will not get spoiled. the art shop can put a new canvas on the frame (that is still good) And if you are wondering if this hurts? Yes it hurts! […]

Fake Duckman

januari 3, 2009

Fake Duckman, originally uploaded by .FAKE.. Well it took A while but here it is! in white hehe…. size 70x100x3.5cm Edition of 5


januari 3, 2009

FAKE FLOWER, originally uploaded by .FAKE.. This is something I just made… thinking of making this in to a print…. or cut it…pfff this will be a hell of a job!