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My First Public Appearance!

juni 27, 2008

This are some stencils I made on paper for a the Cut em Out European championship in Basel The winner is still not known……. This is what it looke like in BASEL!   Advertenties

My new Stencil! Grenade Boy By FAKE

juni 25, 2008

I just love this picture! Artist T.WAT from england is the first to use the photo of the boy for a stencil so far i know, but i just can’t leave it be! I added the micky ears and the axe! the grenade the boy was alredy holding. the photo was thaken in central park in NY by Diane […]

Video Streetart Stencil in amsterdam By Fake and Peet

juni 19, 2008

Stencil by PEET in Amsterdam

juni 18, 2008

the first test spray

juni 18, 2008

It turnd out I have made some little mistakes! I will make ea new one this week FAST!

FAKE new design stencil

juni 17, 2008

this is my newest design i will put on the streets this week

My first life size stencil! Stencil/Streetart By FAKE

juni 16, 2008

This is a Strencil in my early days….. and also one of my best concepts till now…


juni 15, 2008



juni 15, 2008

Picture of my glove after making some stencils

juni 15, 2008

I was making a stencil and noticed my glove was looking very cool! So i made the pic with a white sheet of paper on the background.