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something went terribly wrong inside Annie’s mind

A friend pointed out to me that some one was inspited by an artwork i made.

A photo from Diane Arbus inspired me to make the artwork, and now the artwork has inspired a very talented photographer

This is her story that comes with the photo:

something went terribly wrong inside Annie’s mind

I know there are some people worried about the *mood* in my stream lately.
I just want to let you know that I’m ok, in a generally good mood, but like everyone I get worried about things at times, go through bad moments, this and that, they all pass, etc…
There are still two more *moody* photos to come, then the mood starts to *improve*, though some images are still dark. I have lots of photos to upload, as I said before, some are quite good. Some are cute, some are funny, some have bright colors.

This photo was inspired by a grafitti I saw in a video that G. sent to me. I don’t know who the artist is, but I think it’s Banksy’s work. I hope G. or anyone who knows better can help me with that. By the way, if you have never, you should take a look at Banksy’s work, he’s a genius. He’s got some disturbing images, but just because it’s disturbing, it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t portraited in art!
I decided to take this and the previous photo – very well aware of the mix feelings they arise – because of the things I’ve been hearing, reading about lately (on the news/newspaper, I haven’t read many books this year, only one book so far actually).
Since some people find it nearly impossible to understand a concept and meaning behind an image, Aunty Anna here will explain it to you.
You know when you get shocked at some news, specially if you knew the person on it, and the first things you think are: “I don’t believe it! How could s/he?”, well so there you have it (the meaning): “how could someone so beautiful and seemingly naïve do something/be like that?”
Also, this image carries the meaning of youth alienation and how people are influenced by mass media.

update: the artist is fake, and the grafitti that inspired me was this one: “crazy boy”

Uploaded by AnnuskA – AnnA Theodora on 30 Mar 09, 3.15PM CEST.


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