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To All readers from

To all readers form Live Journal:


Here are some quotes about my work compared with that of Banksy:


1: “Banksy has practically done everything, I think that every stencil artists constantly asks himself: did Banksy already do this?
And most of the time he has, cause banksy just done so much. Some ideas are really simple, but its just that he has done it first. Really annoying sometimes hehe. “

2: “most artists are going to compared to other artists and to tell you the truth fake…banksy’s not the worst one to be compared to!
nice piece though.”


3: “Nice work Fake… really clean cut,
don’t worry about the banksy references i use a paintbrush and people always get my s**t mixed up with Picaso… haha…
no, really though don’t worry about it…”



4: “I’m sure Banksy would be quick to admit he was influenced by Blek.
Well executed as always fake.”


5: “I’m sure this would have been said on here before but this is after all a Banksy forum so I’m sure the majority of people on here are influenced by Banksy. Is that anything to be ashamed of?? The fact that someone uses a stencil to create their art doesn’t mean they are trying to rip off any other stencil artist. Its not like Banksy and Blek are the only people ever to use a stencil. I get very defensive when I mention the “stencil” word when people ask me what we do because it usually results in the question “you just trying to be Banksy??”. Leftery aren’t trying to be Banksy. Other artists on here aren’t trying to be Banksy. We’re just experimenting with stencils. And enjoying it!!!




Banksy is one of the reasons I started stenciling but most part i started doing this becouse i am able to put any image on any medium.


What I am trying is to put a smile on your face with my work and yes I am still developing….


Thanks for taking the time to look at my stuff and commenting on it!






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