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My new Stencil! Grenade Boy By FAKE

I just love this picture! Artist T.WAT from england is the first to use the photo of the boy for a stencil so far i know, but i just can’t leave it be! I added the micky ears and the axe! the grenade the boy was alredy holding. the photo was thaken in central park in NY by Diane Arbus in 1962

check it out!

here are some more images of the boy used by other artists:

drawing by erin nations


artist: T.WAT

And here is the original:



3 Reacties to “My new Stencil! Grenade Boy By FAKE”

  1. This one is dope-e-dee-dope! The Mickey Ears and the Axe are marvellous additions. The boy himself looks a bit on the eerie side, boney kneed and so.

    As for your questions: how would you like to have an answer; by comment or do you prefer me to send you an email? I’m fine with either one, but privacywise I’d consider email.

    Let me know which you prefer, and I’ll respond asap.


  2. Very very nice one indeed!

  3. […] More on the pupil with the ears: […]

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